27 Lead Generation

Techniques for Small


1) A web form using an auto-responder should be created on your website asking for the e-mail addresses of visitors

2) Pay-per click advertising should be targeted for your niche

3) An important strategy is to list one’s business on Google, Yahoo and Bing

4) Generate leads and promote your services and products by creating affiliate programs

5) Create a good referral program

6) Hosting or organizing a contest on Facebook is a good idea to get contact information from participants

7) Content Marketing involves posting free classifieds to inform people about your services and products

8) Update your company blog with daily fresh useful content

9) Learn more about marketing through articles

10) Generic lead generation is not only about providing value through your products and services. Ensure customer support and gain leads through referrals by word-of-mouth.

11) People should be able to find you through listings in directories that relate to your target market and industry

12) They should spot you online easily by optimizing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

13) Hire a person to create job search listings. This will help to get numerous leads in response

14) Publish a press release to announce the launching of your business or new service

15) Always advertise your business by speaking passionately of the same without sounding “pushy” to generate leads

16) Open social network account and post quizzes and question to engage your followers

17) Offer free consultation to entice people to provide their contact information

18) When you answer questions that are posted in forum, include a link or phone number below your signature

19) Make comments on your blog that provide insight to articles and include a link to your website

20) You can offer free courses and product reviews on your product or services for users

21) Direct marketing includes hosting events where you can speak to potential clients directly

22) Add warm markets interest in your product or service to your leads

23) You can send out postcard and ask people to send their contact information on these postcards back to you

24) Tradeshows are a good way to get people to leave their business cards for follow-up

25) Indulge in Promotional marketing by providing information of your website on car magnets etc.

26) The sponsored company will promote your service if you fund their event.

27) You can offer discounts to existing clients for referrals that they bring in

This helpful of 27 lead generation techniques for small businesses, will help you to start and to set you off on the right path.